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Qualifications Recognition | PRQS * PQF * PQAF


We provide services in accreditation, recognition of foreign qualifications and registration of skilled persons. We collaborate with national agencies to facilitate the recognition of Pacific qualifications and skills within the region and beyond.

We support national and regional initiatives on labour and learner mobility by quality assuring and providing information on qualifications and skills.

Information on skills, qualifications and its comparability across the region that is available on an online database we administer.

How we do this 

Qualification Recognition
We ensure that accrediting agencies are provided with all the assistance they need to enable them to facilitate the development, accreditation and registration of their national and provider qualifications onto the Pacific Register of Qualifications and Standards (PRQS).

We focus on:

  • Assisting in the development of guidelines for high standards of national and provider qualifications;
  • Supporting development of policies and procedures for the transfer of qualifications from the national qualifications frameworks to the PRQS;

  • Conducting referencing of national qualifications frameworks against the Pacific Qualifications Framework for establishing comparable qualifications recognised within the Pacific; and
  • Supporting labour migration through recognition of occupational skills and standards.

Quality Assurance

We support and complement the quality assurance efforts by national and sectoral accrediting agencies’ through the application of the Pacific Quality Assurance Framework (PQAF). PQAF is a meta-framework that provides minimum regional standards for accrediting agencies, institutions and programmes.

The PQAF is a set of minimum quality standards and guidelines for accrediting agencies, institutions and their programmes. In spite of detailed quality assurance arrangements, it is the rigor of administration of clearly stated quality assurance policies and processes that instils stakeholder confidence. 

Quality assurance comprises processes such as the registration of institutions, accreditation of programmes and periodic quality audit of institutions and programmes.

The PQAF introduces a baseline set of standards that is applied on a fit-for-purpose approach to accrediting agencies, institutions and programmes.

PRQS and the Pacific Qualifications Framework (PQF) are underpinned by PQAF that engenders confidence of stakeholders in the quality of Pacific qualifications.

As opportunities for further studies and employment are limited, Pacific learners and labour force explore opportunities afforded through globalisation for continuing education and employment.

Commitment at the national level to improve the quality of post-secondary school education and training has led some of the Pacific countries (Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu) to develop national qualifications frameworks (NQFs) and establish national accrediting agencies (NAAs).

National standards for education and training Institutions and their programmes have been developed and informed by international best practice. The value of these structures as 'gate keepers of quality' for Pacific education and training will facilitate the international recognition of Pacific qualifications.


 Our External Quality Assurance Function

The PRQS conducts periodic compliance reviews of accreditation agencies and training institutions to ensure that threshold expectations of quality are met and that there is demonstrable improvement over time. This was one of the recommendations of our programme’s 2013 review.

This function meets all the tests for a regional initiative and does not duplicate the role of national or sectoral accrediting agencies.

It supports a regional quality standard for education and training qualifications at the macro level particularly as the demand for education and training far exceeds the supply in the Pacific. Our external quality assurance moderates the diversity of national quality arrangements and facilitates demand from students and employers for quality assured qualifications.

Accrediting agencies that we recognise.

1.     Regional accrediting agencies:


  • The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) of the United States.

·        WASC accredits institutions and programmes in the Federated States of Micronesia, Palau and the Republic of the Marshall Islands


2.     National accrediting agencies:


    • Fiji Higher Education Commission
    • New Zealand Qualifications Authority (quality assures Institutions and Programmes in Cook Islands and Niue)
    • Papua New Guinea’s Office of Higher Education
    • Samoa Qualifications Authority
    • Tonga National Qualifications and Accrediting Board
    • Vanuatu Qualifications Authority 

3.     Sectoral accrediting agencies for:


    • Theological education: South Pacific Association of Theological Schools
    • Maritime Training: SPC’s Transport Programme (Economic Development Division) 

*2013 EQAP Review Report Recommendation 3 (c)

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