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Information & Communication Technology



Our Information and Communication Technology support ranges from advising countries on educational measurement software to developing web-based applications dependent on their requirements and training.  
We are committed to developing effective, timely systems and delivering solutions that can assist countries’ productivity and decision making.

 Application Support 

We are responsible for the ongoing support of numerous applications used across the Pacific Island member countries. 

In order to successfully support many these applications, we are required to understand the underlying business processes and terminology behind the applications we support, for example, application development best practices and application security.

Our application support services are:

  • Assisting with application down time
  • Assisting with business processes
  • Documentation updates
  • Fixing bugs
  • Application Training
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • User support

 Application Development 

We are able to provide custom built applications for member countries based on the requirements provided. Applications are developed using the latest technology from Microsoft. We are committed to developing effective, timely systems and delivering solutions that can provide assistance to member countries in terms productivity.

Covering all phases of the application development cycle, we offer:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Application Design
  • Database Design
  • Software Development
  • Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Installation
  • Documentation
  • Training

 We also provide scanning services for those who need to capture data from mark sheets or forms.

 ICT Consultation 

 We provide the following consultancy services to our member countries:

  • Recommendations for upgrading hardware and software;
  • General housekeeping tips
  • Security
  • Project management
  • Web technology
  • Architecture design
  • Network
  • Backup


List of applications developed by the Educational Quality and Assessment Programme of SPC.

Name of system /

data set

Brief description of purpose

List of major



Assessment of Teaching and Learning

Administration System


-EA Admin


-Data Preparation




Statistical Tools for

Analyzing Literacy, Life

Skills and Numeracy



-Data Upload





Test ITem Analysis system

An application to analyze candidate responses to educational tests and examination papers

- Test Templates

- Candidate Data

- Entry

- Redefine Database

- Analysis Graphs

- Distribution

- Graphs



Strategy for Monitoring

and Improving Teaching

Effectiveness system





Web based system for

Pacific Register and Qualifications Standard Section

- Registration

- Manage

- Search

- Reports




Data capture system for all

applicants that apply for

AusAID Scholarship

- Data Entry

- Reporting

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